Sunday, 10 November 2013


Just back on this mornings ferry from Kirrie. It was great seeing some of my old mates especially those that have emigrated back to the mainland. I got some nice dodgy 70s Tattoo flashes from Kevin and a fantastic man hug from Big Mark. It was like the 3 musketeers reunited for one last mission. Shame my visit was so short as had to do the Xmas shopping. As for games there was Colin, Bill and Hugh with a nice looking Chaco war game and an interesting Cold war Russian invasion game. That featured the battle for Trafalgar square. Very inspiring in a 1979 way.


Friday, 8 November 2013

A roll of the Dice

Out of the Blue last night I had a game. I have been slightly obsessed with AK47 recently and am planning a campaign set round the French Union in the 1950's so the Balkans are really on the back burner. Sean my main gaming oppo suggested we have a Balkan wars game.
It was a strange sort of game as running late I accidentally left a box of Greeks and some terrain at home. So my Greek force was made up of odds and ends that just happened to be in the box I had picked up. Two field guns and 5 Battalions of inf, no machine guns or anything. I did have one big battalion of Evzone though which turned out to be worth their weight in Gold.They just refused to fail morale tests! Sean had a balanced force of 6 Battalions of Bulgarian inf, including 1 of Guards. A field gun and MG plus a small section of cavalry. The game was a head to head collision in a small Thracian town. The rules were Rapid Fire lite. We had a real fun time with very little input. Just the way it should be. The results are that I have dug out all my Greeks to try and get all the outstanding basing done and Sean is talking about Turks. Oh by the way the Greeks won.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Intercounty

Have just dropped the Orkney guys off at the airport after a weekend of gaming. Of course there was a lot of socialising as well. We managed two big games. The Americans were defeated after a hard fight at Germantown on Saturday. This morning the Government forces fought the socialists to a standstill at the battle of Scatsta. All will be revealed later, hopefully with some pics. Time to relax before I am back to work in the morning.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some new figures for the weekend.

Just finishing off some new figures for this weekends big 38 game. Above is the Governor of Shetland. Appointed by the Mosley Government he has managed to rule Shetland with an iron fist.
I also finished the above squad of his personal guard. Every member is a chosen man who has learnt his trade in the harsh street fights and running battles of the Pre Mosley Era. 

The Shetland Imagination

For the last year or so we have been working on our own Imaginiation campaign.Ours takes place during the French Revolutionary war period.The main protagonists are Austria and The French republic. Who both seek to bring the Duchy into their sphere of influence. No games yet just lots of figure painting and talking. Sean sketched the background below.

"The duchy of wolfinstien

The duchy of wolfinstien is a small place tucked away in the Alps between Switzerland, Austria-Hungry and the various German states. For nearly all of it’s existence it has managed to avoid the chaos and turmoil the has engulfed Europe at various points in history, that is until now.

            Trouble started when the reigning Duke, Otto Wolfinstien XIII (or Otto the unlucky) died. He left behind no immediate heirs, they all died in strange and bizarre accidents over the years (hence the labelling of him as unlucky). However there is two claimants, both being great grand nieces, one being Emily Wolfinstien-Smythe and the other Ingrid Wolfinstien Von Pitt. Emily was raised in England and is currently married to the British MP Alan B’Astard while Ingrid is married to Count Ludwig Von Alucard. Both men and their respective governments have desires on the duchy and as both claimants have equal claim on inheriting the Duchy it will be down to which one can get there first and get control of the duchy.

            However things are never that simple, not long after the demise of the old Duke, the people of Wolfinstien realised they didn’t need a Duke to rule over them as they were making a decent enough job of it themselves and so declared the duchy a republic. Led by the radical (he spent some time in France) Hans (Wolfie) Schmidt the people of Wolfinstien are quickly gathering a peoples militia based along French models and have full intentions of defending their new found freedom.

            The French upon hearing about this decided to lend some assistance to the people of Wolfinstien and have sent a small army to assist them defending their new-found liberties. Though to be honest the French Republic government is really sending the troops to ensure the revolution and development of the new regime is along the French model. And not something different so as not to give ideas in to the heads of the other people they liberate from the oppressive aristocracy. The radical Jacobite Jean-Paul Gautier leads this army.

            So now it’s a four way race to ensure the future of the Duchy. Only time and incompetence will decide who will win."

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Perfect Morning

It was a perfect morning earlier. Pouring with rain outside, roaring fire inside. The wife was upstairs sewing while I got on with painting. Just finishing off the Governors bodyguard for this weekends big game. All lovely Empress SCW figures. I was listening to one of the UNIT audio dramas while painting. Really took the old mind off the job and I just whizzed through the unit. The figures are presently dipped and are gently drying on the window ledge.
Now it is time for a cup of tea and a couple of episodes of the " Borgias ".

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The phoney war.

Well no new posts since 2012 which is a bit disappointing to say the least. Not that there hasn't been a lot happening. Just none of it relating to the Balkan wars. In other Eras and scales there has been lots of progress and even games.
My Freikorp project is coming on fine as is the Crimean.I have recently started painting 28mm Cavemen and Swiss. I am also in the midst of planning a big inter county game.
So the thing is when I read my favourite bloggers like Legatus and Tradgarland there is an interesting mix of games, periods and just life in general. While my blog is just a bit flat and boring. So I am going to break free from the restrictions of the Balkan wars and post more generally.