Monday, 31 January 2011

Interesting thread on Evzones


Peter Pig Bulgarian Battalion

I finally finished the bases on the first Peter Pig Russian Battalion. The battalion consists of 3 companies with 12 figs each. Plus a MG company and Battalion command. I have another 2 companies waiting on undercoat and have also ordered enough figures to complete an infantry regiment.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

First Bulgarian battalion

I have just about finished my first Bulgarian unit and decided to order my next one. This time I decided to try a Minfig WW1 Russian figure available from Caliver books.

It is a nice plain advancing figure but with what looks like enough detail for the tabletop. I will paint this battalion when it arrives and then make my final decision.
I also checked out the Irregular Balkan 15mm range. Although some of the figures look OK and they are certainly cheap enough. They were just a bit to basic even for me. Saying that they might be OK in the flesh so should try and check them out at a show.


It has been slow going on the Balkan fron this week. Real life has intervened a bit to hold me back. Also this week it was the Lerwick Uphellya. For those that don't know what Uphellya is. It is a Viking fire festival celebrated in Lerwick on the last Tuesday in January. It really has very little to do with Vikings but as far as I know was dreamed up to give a vent to the exuberant crowds of young men that liked to dress up and brandish firearms in the town centre. In the years after the Napoleonic wars Shetland was seemingly awash with guys who had been pressganged and then years later came home with little thought off settling down or respect for authority.
An existing winter festival was picked where people already guized. That is the men used to dress up, often in womens clothes. Groups off guizers were formed called Jarl squads led by a Jarl. The Jarl would be somebody off note in the community and would often have previously spent years as a squad member. In the course of the year the squad meet often to practice and make their outfits and have a drink. So now all that energy that used to be spent running about with flintlocks annoying people and making noise nowadays is spent in more worthwhile persuits. In the year that each Jarl reigns they and their squad carry out worthwhile tasks like visiting the old or sick in hospital and visiting schools that sort of thing.
Those guizers who aren't members of Jarl squads still guize in squads where they dress in fancy dress and perform a wee play or song and dance routine. These usually have some basis on something that has happened in Shetland over the last year.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Bulgarian Battalion size

I ordered the Micromark army lists covering the Balkan wars the other day and they arrived this morning. Good fast service and quite interesting products. My only concern is that the Bulgarian Infantry division list covers 1912 to 1918 which was quite a period of change in the Balkans. It also shows an infantry battalion being made of 4 companies of 263 men. I had always believed that the Bulgarian battalion was originally made up of 6 companies. Which is why they were quite hard hitting certainly in the First Balkan war. I need to find out when the change took place as the size of the battalion is obviously going to have a big impact on my games and my wallet.

Peter Pig Bulgarian Infantry

Last night I finished a test base of the Peter Pig Russian inf painted as Bulgarians. I painted them in the tobacco brown uniform. I also tried to give the illusion that he was wearing Opanci shoes and leggings. I'm not sure if it really worked and I am maybe just as well giving them boots. I quite like the figures and think they will look good in big units. They also do Cavalry and artillery crews that would fit in. But the Russian Maxim is the wrong version. It is the one with the gun shield which the Bulgarians didn't use as far as I know.

Friday, 14 January 2011


About 5 or so years ago I approached Nic of Eureka miniatures with the idea of adding Greeks to his small Balkan range. The plan was simple enough if I covered some of the costs Nic would produce the range and I would get my investment back in figures. And that is more or less how it worked. The development time was about a year. There were plenty of mails to and fro checking uniform details and discussing possible poses. My problem was that I wanted all the possible troop types which can getexpensive. Nic convinced me that we should have more than 1 pose for each type and I am now glad he did. Anyway shortly after an eye watering credit card bill I received a large box from Australia. Finally here was my Greek army as I had always imagined it. The figures are lovely slim figures with fine detail and incredible faces. Every time I get some out to paint I find something new to admire. I just wish there wasn't quite so many of them.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Peter Pig WW1 Russians

The Aussie Dollar to Pound exchange rate has made buying large amounts of Eureka Bulgarians a tad expensive. A shame really as I would love to support this range more. So casting around for suitable figures I ordered a battalion of Peter Pigs Russian figures. They arrived just before Christmas and I just had a chnace to base them before I left. My first thought was how small they seemed. They are nice castings with lots of detail but I think they are going to be a pain to paint. I like plain figures with lots flat areas, simple soul that I am. I know it is hard to tell from the photograph what they are like. I will paint this company and post some better pics. Then I will decide if I am going to buy more.


I am sorry there hasn't been much in the way of posts or movement forward in painting recently. But the Christmas holidays were particularly busy as we unexpectedly had relatives staying. The painting I had planned was put on the back burner but I did get some basing done. I have also just returned for my regular two weeks on the Byford Dolphin. Where I can plan and think but unfortunately can't get any painting done. I should maybe think about smuggling out paints and figures but to be honest I am usually in bed by Nine.