Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bulgarian Krupp armoured field gun

A chap in Athens who I had been chatting with on another forum kindly took this snap for me. That was some time ago and unfortunately I lost his details. A big thanks to him though as I had lost all the pictures I took on my last visit. I approached Nic with the idea of producing these in resin and lead. But the cost was a bit much even for me. To be honest I don't think it would be a big seller. I must get over to Athens again sometime.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Minifigs Vs Peter Pig

As you know last month I ordered figures from both Peter Pig and Minifigs. Both orders arrived on the Saturday before I left for work. So I didn't get a chance to more than glance at them. Service from both companies was both good and quick. Although Minifigs delivery was slightly quicker being ordered a few days after and arriving on the same day as the Peter Pig. Both companies sent mails to confirm the orders and to tell me they had been despatched. The Peter Pig figures were as usual very well packed as were the Minfigs. The minifigs surprised me though as they come in little paper bags like a quarter of sweeties. They are still listed in packs on the website but I am guessing you can buy them individually. As well as the figs I ordered some other bits and pieces including field guns from both companies. Both were a bit of a dissapointment. From Peter Pig one gun had a miscast barrel while the other had only one wheel. Giving me one gun from two packs, Not good. Unfortunately the Minifigs gun has so much flash on it I haven't been bothered to put it together. I also ordered Maxim gins from Minifigs. These look ideal as they are supplied with a seperate shield which I can leave off. Lovely clean casting of bot gun and crew apart from one glaring problem. The firer has no face! I don't just mean a poorly sculpted face I mean a completely flat plug of metal where a face should be. I'm thinking a headswap may be in order so will have an ambulance on standby.