Friday, 17 December 2010


A lovely Peter Pig gendarme tha originaly I had painted with the idea of using them as officers. I ended up using the command bases as discussed but have kept these figs.

Greek orthodox priest

Here is a Russian priest with his headdress filed down a bit. I don't know what part he would take in a game but he is a nice Peter pig figure.


A unit of Alphacast Evzones. Not his best sculpts I am afraid a wee bit rough and with a strange big lump of flash on the bayonet. But for a long time they were the only ones available.

Greek guns

The ubiquitous Balkan gun of the period was the Schneider-Cannet M1907. Spyros did a lovely model of the gun and crew.

Greek Infantry Battalion

Here are some poor snaps of an alphacast Greek inf Battalion. The pictures don't do them justice as they are nice little models filled with character and of course with huge moustaches. As you can see I have a habit of marking my command groups with a dog.

Spyros Koumoussis

I first got interested in gaming the Balkan wars when I discovered the wonderful 15mm figures produced by Alphacast. These were designed and sold by Spyros who was on a one man mission to increase interest in the Balkan wars and also the Greek wars of independence. Sadly Spyro is no longer with us but his work lives on.
At the time I lived in Edinburgh and gamed at SESWC. When I mentioned I was interested in the Balkans and had bought Greeks Dave O'brien brought his WW1 Russians masquerading as Bulgarians. We were set for a few enjoyable games. Which by the way Dave invariably won. The rules used were Rapid Fire gently converted for 15mm figs and the earlier period.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The beginning

Welcome to the blog in which our young hero will attempt to chronicle his efforts at gaming the second Balkan wars.