Friday, 11 April 2014


French union forces.
I have mentioned previously that I used to play AK47 with an army loosely based around the British and French invasion of Suez. I have been thinking of starting an campaign here but need to revamp my armies and provide more suitable opposition.
British Paras and RTR

The Boys in Blue

A quick snap of the figures I have just dipped. It was quite pleasant working on them as my Son was playing Assassins creed. What better background music than a mix of sea shanty's and general swashbuckling. Would have been better if painting pirates though. The Crusader figures are quite good and easy to paint. Not too much flash although two of the figures were slightly miscast just having small nubbins instead of left hands. The only other drawbacks is that the command figures  are quite boring. Just an officer standing with a pistol. I might replace them with some Forgotten and Glorious sword wielding officers which are much more exciting.

First Post since 19oatcake

For some reason I haven't been able to post for months. I could sign in OK but but when trying to type into the blog nothing would come up on the screen. All a bit strange. Even stranger suddenly this morning the blog is working perfectly.
There hasn't been a huge amount of gaming recently but there has been a reasonable amount of painting. Out of the Blue I ordered a brigade of Crusader games Union infantry from North Star. Have managed to blitz them quite quickly for me in two big sessions. These two sessions had a holiday in between but it was still good going. The figs are just waiting on a dip and then will look at flags and basing.