Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sitrep sort of.

Well it has been so long since there have been any posts I thought it better to post something rather than nothing. There has just been no time for the Balkans for a while. At the club we have been playing a few 38 or pirate games. Nothing too heavy or serious.
On top of everything else I have talked myself into two new projects this year. The first is with Disco Dave and is The Crimean war in 20mm. I initially was just providing French but am now also doing at least a brigade of Russians. The French unfortunately have stalled after the first battalion. The Russians however are coming on Great guns. I have managed a unit of Cossack infantry and two battalions of Russian line quite quickly.To be honest the Russians are quite quick to churn out. They are all wearing Greatcoats and seem to have a minimum of equipment.
The second project is a Roman civil war in 25s. I started this as Big Mark has a Roman army and no opponents. I have been buying painted Foundry figs from a guy on Ebay. The poor guy is having to move house after being injured by a hit and run driver. I am guessing he is downsizing so is having to get rid off a lot of stuff. The figs are well but basically painted by a painting service in York. I have just been tidying them up and putting on some LBM shield decals. That and a coat of magic dip has really made a difference. I managed something like 70 figs in two days.
I will take some pics later but am having to nip into town.