Saturday, 11 August 2012

Back to the Balkans

I hadn't looked at my Balkan figures for ages so last night I got them out. Oh dear how much do I regret neglecting them for so long. I also regret running out of the bases I normally use. The figures on Precision steel bases are fine but the ones on MDF are all over the place. The result is 3 file boxes filled with heaps of figures. I am thinking of glueing steel bases to the bottoms of the MDF bases. It will raise them by a mill or so but it has to be better than constant damage and repairs.
I have also lost some Bulgarians! I know I painted at least a battalion of Minifig Russians wearing greatcoats but can't find them anywhere.
I am off to work on Monday so don't have much time left but when I get back I must be disciplined and crack on.