Sunday, 10 November 2013


Just back on this mornings ferry from Kirrie. It was great seeing some of my old mates especially those that have emigrated back to the mainland. I got some nice dodgy 70s Tattoo flashes from Kevin and a fantastic man hug from Big Mark. It was like the 3 musketeers reunited for one last mission. Shame my visit was so short as had to do the Xmas shopping. As for games there was Colin, Bill and Hugh with a nice looking Chaco war game and an interesting Cold war Russian invasion game. That featured the battle for Trafalgar square. Very inspiring in a 1979 way.



  1. Any pictures of the Trafalgar game,sounds interesting...

  2. Sorry, yet again I have proven to be a useless photographer. I will see if I can find one online and post a link.