Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Shetland Imagination

For the last year or so we have been working on our own Imaginiation campaign.Ours takes place during the French Revolutionary war period.The main protagonists are Austria and The French republic. Who both seek to bring the Duchy into their sphere of influence. No games yet just lots of figure painting and talking. Sean sketched the background below.

"The duchy of wolfinstien

The duchy of wolfinstien is a small place tucked away in the Alps between Switzerland, Austria-Hungry and the various German states. For nearly all of it’s existence it has managed to avoid the chaos and turmoil the has engulfed Europe at various points in history, that is until now.

            Trouble started when the reigning Duke, Otto Wolfinstien XIII (or Otto the unlucky) died. He left behind no immediate heirs, they all died in strange and bizarre accidents over the years (hence the labelling of him as unlucky). However there is two claimants, both being great grand nieces, one being Emily Wolfinstien-Smythe and the other Ingrid Wolfinstien Von Pitt. Emily was raised in England and is currently married to the British MP Alan B’Astard while Ingrid is married to Count Ludwig Von Alucard. Both men and their respective governments have desires on the duchy and as both claimants have equal claim on inheriting the Duchy it will be down to which one can get there first and get control of the duchy.

            However things are never that simple, not long after the demise of the old Duke, the people of Wolfinstien realised they didn’t need a Duke to rule over them as they were making a decent enough job of it themselves and so declared the duchy a republic. Led by the radical (he spent some time in France) Hans (Wolfie) Schmidt the people of Wolfinstien are quickly gathering a peoples militia based along French models and have full intentions of defending their new found freedom.

            The French upon hearing about this decided to lend some assistance to the people of Wolfinstien and have sent a small army to assist them defending their new-found liberties. Though to be honest the French Republic government is really sending the troops to ensure the revolution and development of the new regime is along the French model. And not something different so as not to give ideas in to the heads of the other people they liberate from the oppressive aristocracy. The radical Jacobite Jean-Paul Gautier leads this army.

            So now it’s a four way race to ensure the future of the Duchy. Only time and incompetence will decide who will win."

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  1. I await more info/photos/battle reports with great interest...